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Over 30 Years of manufacturing experience

A persistent challenge in our industry with on-demand products is the requirement for certain items that cannot be made available on-demand. Some companies opt for drop shipping, which is difficult to manage and leads to various issues related to quality and shipping.

For this reason, we enhance your merchandise offerings by providing finished goods that we personally source and warehouse, leveraging our extensive manufacturing partnerships. This ensures brand cohesion throughout your product line while mitigating the quality and shipping headaches associated with drop shipping.

We can design it.

We have a full in-house design team specializing in creating custom samples. Our team is well-versed in a wide range of techniques, including dye sublimation, applique, cut & sew, displays, screen printing, packaging, and more. With this diverse expertise, we provide a comprehensive solution for all your creative needs, including trims, care labels, and other add-ons to your garments and other productions. Whether you require precision-cut textiles, eye-catching displays, or innovative packaging solutions, Fabritech's design team is ready to turn your vision into reality, while ensuring that every detail, from trims to care labels, meets your exact specifications before going into production.

We can make it.

With over three decades of established factory relationships worldwide, we possess the capability to manufacture any merchandise required to bolster a company's merchandise offering. Our extensive experience in producing over one million custom garments annually for renowned corporate giants and brands underscores our proficiency. This wealth of expertise allows us to craft tailored solutions, ensuring that our clients' merchandise portfolios align seamlessly with their branding and market demands.